Love where you work really has multiple meanings:

  • Love the company you are working for
  • Love where you are physically working from

Companies that have a communication strategy and enable their employees to have flexible schedules and the flexibility to work from wherever they want will win. Happy employees are engaged and productive employees. You will be able to recruit talent and keep them if you have the right tools and a good communication strategy.

Employee engagement is a tough element of a business to measure. There isn’t one number to show workers are invested in their work, feel as though they’re working toward a goal, and care about the future and success of the company. Instead, there are lots of metrics to indicate how happy employees are ranging from how they feel about their co-workers and manager to understanding how they contribute to the goals.

Why it’s important

Engaged employees are generally happier and feel more fulfilled in their work, but the humanitarian outcomes are far from the only positives. Engagement has a whole host of benefits that can seriously affect a business. Engaged employees are more productive, produce higher quality work, and contribute to much higher rates of a business’ success.

Beyond that, engagement helps decrease turnover, and that can be a game changer. The higher your rate of turnover, the more frequently HR needs to make new hires — and that’s expensive. How expensive? Turnover costs about half the employee’s salary. A high rate of turnover also indicates you’re losing talent you worked hard to gain, possibly to competitors, and it makes it more difficult for employees to sustain the comfortable relationships that boost collaboration and productivity. After all, your employees — their brain trust — is what makes your company.

Easily Connect People

Giving your employees the communication tools they need to be able to participate and communicate as if they were in the office is crucial. Ensure they never miss a hallway conversation or social interaction, daily standups or a 1v1 with their manager by implementing collaboration solutions that are easy to use. Where they are physically working from becomes less important as long as these tools are available to them. 97% of people say a job with flexibility would have a positive impact on their overall quality of life.

FoxDen team during standup

FoxDen team during standup

In addition, the idea of having a business headquarters has changed. Leasing office space is getting more and more expensive. The average annual cost of providing a desk in London or New York is $18,000 so more companies are offering telecommuting or leasing desks in co-working spaces. Having a dispersed workforce allows you to draw talent from other locations that could get you better talent options or even cost savings.

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