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video meetings.

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Relax. Video meetings and collaboration are easy with FoxDen

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Meet online without any equipment except your computer, tablet or smartphone. We make it easy to collaborate online.

Quick. Start meetings from your mobile device with one click. Even collaborate in the cloud fast.

Say no to dongles, IT support, and reservations! Get FoxDen Connect for onsite and remote video meetings.

Start onsite and online meetings as soon as you enter the room, even from your smartphone.

Set up is a breeze, too. We'll send you a kit with everything you need. Just take out the gear, connect, and you're ready.

Make a lasting connection.

Any time, any room, any device

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Connect Clearly.

Be confident you'll be seen and heard with the clearest-quality HD video and audio. You can video chat with up to 10 people at the same time. And you don't have to worry about extra costs because VoIP audio is included.

Ditch the dongles.

No longer do you have the waste the first 10 minutes of your meeting searching for a dongle. Just fire up a FoxDen video meeting on your TV, join, and share your screen. It's that easy.

Work together in the cloud.

With our Google Docs and Dropbox integrations, you can truly collaborate with everyone in your video meeting. It doesn't matter whether you are using your laptop or mobile device, you can video chat and collaborate the same time. Just like you would face-to-face.

Be your meeting's bouncer.

Whether you're having back-to-back video meetings or have an unwanted guest joining your video chat, we got you covered. You can password lock your room so only participants you have shared your password with can join. Or if an uninvited guest happens to join your video meeting, you can kick them out (politely).

Oh yeah, we integrate with Slack too.

It's never been easier to invite people to your video meetings. Our Slack integration allows you to pull any one of your Slack contacts into the video meeting with one click.

About ReadyTalk, the company that powers FoxDen and FoxDen Connect.

At ReadyTalk, we have a passion for helping people and creating innovative technology. In fact, it's our employees' commitment to excellent customer service and our innovative platform that customers buy. Our job is to make sure you're able to communicate when you want with whom you want. We take care of the rest.

Flawless video conferencing
is finally here.

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